Low Noise Cast Resin Transformers produced by Power Sp. z o.o.

transformer with funs & IP33 box

More and more customers are looking for special technical solutions requiring extremely silent transformers. This is particularly recommended for hospitals, hotels, congress and exhibition centers, shopping centers, office buildings, universities and schools, where noise protection is of high importance.

Affording this market request POWER Sp. z o.o., an expert in the manufacturing of magnetic cores and transformers, offers very low noise cast resin transformers, specially designed and manufactured in order to reduce the generation of vibrations during the operation.

Thanks to suitable selection and combination of parameters with respect to the dimensioning of the magnetic core (the ratio between weight and power) as well as the core cross section our technicians are able to obtain relatively low magnetic induction. Very important is the selection of the core steel, whereby not only the losses, but also the physicochemical properties of the sheet and its coating play a leading role.

A Low Noise transformer, produced by Power, generates in this way a very limited number of vibrations and dampens the transmission of the negative effects of vibrations on the building’s structural elements.

Any additional costs are at the same time compensated by the reduction of induction and the reduction of the operating temperature of the transformer. The low noise transformers produced by Power ensure a considerably longer service life and have a considerably improved resistance to overvoltage.

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