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For over 10 years Power Sp. z o.o. have supplied their cast resin transformers worldwide for various applications from  standardised units for distribution up to customized special solutions, rectifier transformers, starting transformers earthing transformers up to shake proof seismic transformers.

A place of honor among these different types of cast resin transformers produced by the Power Sp. zoo is reserved for power transformers. Over 20 units of MV/MV power cast resin transformers have been supplied  by POWER Sp. z o.o. throughout the world in the course of 2018.  They have been mostly installed in mines and power plants.

The largest MV / MV cast resin power transformer produced by Power in 2018  was  5000 kVA 20 / 6.3 kV for mine application, manufactured according the client needs with a special stabilizing structure.

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