Forced cooling systems

Thanks to the enhanced design, forced cooling systems by Power provide temporary power gain of a transformer of up to 40% from rated power.

Forced ventilation by Power copes perfectly with the two major problems appearing in transformer installations:

  • Provide overheat protection of the transformer during hot spells,
  • Increase the transformer’s capacity in the periods of peak energy demand.


By ensuring proper air circulation inside each column of a three- or single-phase transformer, our forced cooling systems help to make the best use of your transformer while maintaining its service life long and accident-free. Thanks to the enhanced design, they can provide temporary power gain of up to 40% from rated power.

Forced ventilation systems produced by Power consist of 4, 6 or 12 tangential fans depending on the transformer power and dimensions. They are delivered completely assembled and can be easily mounted on transformers of different capacity and dimensions. We recommend using forced cooling systems together with temperature relays PWR07 or PWR08 (suitable for PT100 or PTC sensors), which monitor temperature inside the windings and switch on and off the forced ventilation when necessary, as well as controlling device PWR12, which diagnoses motor faults in the ventilation system by detecting changes in the current it consumes.


POWER Sp. z o.o. offers the following models of forced cooling systems according to the rated power of the transformer
Type Transformer
Rated Power
Fan type Capacity
Bar Length
Fixing Distance
PWF1200 400 – 1000 PF400 ~1200 1400 670 – 820
PWF1800 1250 – 2000 PF600 ~1800 1850 820 – 1070
PWF3600 2500 – 3150 PF1200 ~3600 2250 1070